Introducing the Hardy Heron

In a suprise, the new release of Ubuntu 8.04 was announced today by the wonderful community manager Jono Bacon.  In a blog post, we get to read the next version of Ubuntu, the Hardy Heron, will be the next Long Term Support, which means 5 years of support for the product.  Part of the suprise is these announcements usually come from our SABDFL, Mark Shuttleworth, but instead have come from the community manager. 

While I excited to hear the name of the new release and the official announcement that it will be a LTS, long rumored, I was a little disapointed it was made at the time it was.  I don’t even feel like 7.10, the Gutsy Gibbon, is completly finished and baked yet.  There still are some bugs, including problems with the free flash plugin and Konqueror and possible issues w/  Also missing from this anouncement was a vision, some form of “goal” to shoot for.  When Mark made his previous announcements, there always seemed to be some vision casting done, which would help guide where the release would go to and target.  I didn’t see that in this release.  But maybe someone can correct me?

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