Tom Delay vs Matt Lauer who wins?

As I saw on GOP Bloggers today, Tom Delay officially called out Matt Lauer for his bias in dealing with the recent problems the GOP has had with Senators and Representatives and scandals.  While we do have some problems in our own house to clean up, which means not elect these people again, it seems we have slightly less problems then the Democrats do, becausee we don’t re-elect people who have issues/scandals.

I think Delay hits the nail on the head with his comments:

DELAY: Well, I hate to say this Matt, but you just showed the problem, the double-standard, and you just participated in it. You listed a whole lot of scandals that involve the Republicans but you didn’t mention one Democrat.LAUER: But you didn’t hear me. I also just said do we only have two bad apples or is there a case of an entire party embroiled in scandal?

DELAY: I think in your premise if you had listed all the Democrats that are having problems right now it would have been different. You see the Democrats re-elect the people with their problems; the Republicans kick them out. If you look at what’s going on, it’s how you handle it as a party and as a political group.

For a complete video, check out Tom Delay’s site and watch for yourself


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