Altiris Advanced Notification Server Core Workshop

Just finished teaching the Advanced Notification Server Core Workshop that is offered by Altiris.  If you are looking to improve your Altiris knoweldge of the notification server, this is a great course to take.  And not just because I teach it.   In fact this was the first time that I taught the class so I was a little worried about it, but the class went great.

For those still following, the class assume knowledge of the notification server and how Altiris works, this is not a course for those that are brand new to Altiris.

The course covers the following:

  • IIS and IIS troubleshooting in relationship to Altiris
  • .NET 1.1 Framework Overview and how Altiris utilizes the .NET Framework
  • Dataflow of the Notification Server and how the Altiris Agent communicates with it
  • Package Servers (Currently the Notification Server Foundations class covers about 2 pages of Package Servers)
  • Task Server
  • Troubleshooting Tools (NS Configurator, Profiler, Perfmon and other common support calls)

Anyways drop me a note if you are intersetd in taking the class, its a great class

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