UDS Boston Day 1 and Day 2

This is my first trip to a Ubuntu Development Summit. I am one of the thankful and greatfull that have been sponsored by Cannonical to come and take a part in this great event. I was totally unprepared as to what would happen and how it would work. But the introductory session by Mark, Jono, and Matt helped gets all ready to rock and roll.

Ubuntu defines its next release round in part through these developer summits. Blueprints are created and submitted via Launchpad and people subscribe to the specs they are interested in. Once you subscribe and either mark yourself as essential (the meeting can’t happen without you) or just a participant the scheduler goes to work trying to fit everyone into the correct time slot to discuss the information. As a member of the Ubuntu Documentation Project and not a developer I went with a very open mind and also a very open schedule. I have been attending a lot of very interesting session in regards to various topics and have learned a lot.

Day 1 involved the getting started talk, a Desktop Roundtable session (actually the table was square, but does it matter), a discussion on the theme of the next release, streamlining processes for development, and finally dial-up support.

Day 2 involved a Server Roundtable, Discussion on a Firewall, Kubuntu and Hardy, Launchpad Usuablity Testing, and a discussion on the logout dialog.

Looking forward to tomorrow and what iwill learn from that….


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