Thoughts on UDS Boston

I wrote one post about UDS-Boston, the Developers Summit for Ubuntu, previously, and just wanted to drop some thoughts. 

First of all I spent a lot of time with the Ubuntu Server Team.  8.08 is going to rock on the server side.  The team has a lot of super cool ideas they want to implement and I’m looking forward to them.

Secondly it was disappointing not to see more Kubuntu people there.  we had some specs, but it really seemd to be just a converstation between Riddell and myself.  Don’t know if more Kubuntu people were asked and couldn’t come, or there just wasn’t as many people sponsored.  Maybe one day we can get another full-time Kubuntu developer?  Please Mark?

The same problem was there for the Documentation team.  Really being the only doc team member there was another problem.  A lot of people wanted to talk about how documentation is done, the way things are done, etc.  It was interesting how suprised everyone was that there isn’t a paid documentation person.  Maybe this is something Cannonical can look into?

 Anyways justs wanted to drop a copule of notes, before I go watch the football.


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