Altiris Advanced Inventory Solution Workshop

Sorry for the week or maybe two with no posting. I was down in Sydney teaching a class for Altiris and then when I came back I got sick. Anyways just wanted to share my thoughts on the Advanced Inventory Solution Workshop.
This was the first time the course was taught so there was some polish that was needed but once that is done the course will be another rock solid Advanced course. The workshop covers Inventory Solution for Windows, for Network Devices, and also Inventory Solution for Unix/Linux. It was intersting that out of the 6 people who were in the class 1 has run LInux before (Red Hat) and none of them had used Inventory Solution for Unix/Linux. I think part of the problem is the separation that exists between the Windows admins who run Altiris and the Unix/Linux admins who use whatever software they use to manage their own nodes. For more information see this great article on Juice on Unix/Linux Inventory.

A large portion of the class is spent on Custom Inventory which is sometimes the dark art of Inventory. A lot is covered, including how to get information out of WMI, the Registry and INI files. The cool things for me were learning how to do loops correctly in writing inventory and how the data class is created and how it gets its name.

Anyways a great class if you are intersted in learning more about Inventory. Hope to see you in class one day


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