VMWare Workstation Question — NAT and Wireless

I don’t seem to have this problem on my Kubuntu boot which is running VMWare Server, but under Vista which is running VMWare Workstation 6 I am having problems using my network connections.  Let me describe the setup and the problem

I have several VMs setup to use NAT and need to be able to access the internet and each other.  An example is my demo boxes running the Altiris agent need to communicate with my Altiris server.  The Altiris server needs to connect to solutionsam to check for updates, I need to download stuff, etc…  However if I am using my wireless connection and do not have a wired connection, I am unable to do any of this.  I think the NAT adapter is bound to my wired connection and not to any connection.  Is there a way to solve this?

Thanks in advance


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