Disappointment with KMail and reloading my computer

After successfully installing and using the most recent version of Kubuntu (7.10), I was running into some serious problems which was adverserly affecting the way I worked so I decided to reload my laptop.  And this is where the problem started.

I know that I can copy my ./.kde folder to make sure I have a “backup” of everything, but every time this happens something seems to go wrong, way wrong….  I copied back my /home/ directory including the .kde and had my bookmarks, files, and settings, however I did not have my mail configured correctly or even the mail messages.

So I tried in import of the backup folder into KMail and had half of my emails.  What did I do wrong?  Nothing that I can think of.  This is the recommended way to make sure you have all of your mail files, but seems very silly to me.  I can create a .PST file in Outlook or Outlook Express and save this information as it moves between computers.  I have been successful with this over the years maintaining conversations and emails from friends I no longer talk to.  This is not the case with KMail.  I have tried to copy and import my folders several times and lose email each time I do this.  Can someone please come up with a better way of doing this?

I’m thinking about making the switch from my current account to using GMail full time.  Any thoughts on doing this?


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