Doctors and Traveling

One of the things I have recently learned is how hard it is to get into a doctor’s office when you travel as much as I do.  I average 2.5 weeks out of 4 that I am on the road, which makes it hard to squeeze doctor visits in.  Also I have a flexible schedule which changes, so I make an appointment weeks in advance and then often times have to reschedule it.

Let me give you an example, I have recently learned I have a food allergy and also have dealt with pericodits (inflamation of the heart lining) which both have required doctors visits, and also unfortantely ER visits but that is a different story.  So made sometime with my primary physician and then was sent to a cardiologist, the cardiologist needed some test ran, which he could run “next week.”  However next week I wwas out of the office so needed to schedule it that day which was successfull.  However for my allergist I am currently waiting to see him and have something scheduled the week of the 18th of January.  Will I be in town?  No clue…..

What I would love is the ability to schedule appointments when I was available, not neccesarily when the doctor’s office scheduled me.  So I would be able to see a “Free/Busy” schedule and then make my appointment when I was able to attend the appointment and also reschedule the appointment if needed without having to call and wait on hold forever.  Of course this scheduling would work only when the doctor’s office wasn’t open and the doctor was available.

This would be even better if I could somehow link it to my personal calendar and then see when I would be out of the office/on the road versus when the doctor was busy.

Can you imagine how much simpler this would make our life?   Let’s not just limit it to Doctor’s visits, I want to be able to schedule everything.  When is the lady who cuts my hair available?  Just check the schedule and book everything there.  Need to schedule a babysitter?  Why just check his/her schedule and book things there.

OF course there would have to be some way to handle double bookings, but let the office or person resolve the problem.  Now if someone could just implement this for me….


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