KDE is still alive in the Ubuntu Community

This is a response to the “Has GNOME finally killed off KDE in the Ubuntu Interface.”

Are things really not looking good for KDE in the Ubuntu community? I would argue no they are looking fine. I am amazed at the amount of discussion is happening in regards to the decision not to make KDE4 a Long Term Support release. In fact there was already discussion on Slashdot referencing this change.

I’m amazed everyone has assumed that Kubuntu is dead, KDE is dead, or Ubuntu doesn’t care about KDE all because of this recent change in policy. I have argued previously the decision to change from a LTS release to a regular release was not communicated clearly, but is a good thing for Kubuntu.

I still believe that. Making KDE4 the default for Hardy is a good thing, in fact I think it shows even more the Ubuntu community is behind KDE. I’m looking forward to releasing the hordes of Kubuntu users on KDE4 to stress test and create new bugs and even new fixes for these bugs. KDE is alive and has a great community. In fact I think at times the Kubuntu portion of the Ubuntu community is stronger as there is only one paid developer and yet we release as good a product as Ubuntu with more paid developers.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to KDE4 and Kubuntu 8.04 to showcase how strong the Kubuntu community is.


6 thoughts on “KDE is still alive in the Ubuntu Community

  1. I’m incredibly relieved to read this post. Kubuntu is fantastic, and is greatly aiding my complete break with the Windows world.

    (Dellbuntu – using Kubuntu. My wife is still on our old XP laptop, but I’m making my way without an MS safety net. KDE is a life-saver for me.)

  2. i agree… the decision by canonical seems like a good one in terms of support – KDE4 might be buggy right now, but KDE3.5 might not be supported that well in 2011, so it makes sense for them to not make 8.04 an LTS.

    but this doesn’t mean that kubuntu or KDE is dead or dying. far from it. KDE has lots of user and developer support, and the ways in which KDE4 is coming along only shows this.

  3. Thanks for the nice comments. CB, welcome to the world of Kubuntu. I think the problem is just with the way things were handled and not with the decision.

    I love how strong the community is, one of the real stregnths behind the distro.

  4. Well, although I still believe Kubuntu is something like the stepdaughter of Canonical, I couldn’t care less if Hardy is LTS or not… I upgrade every six months anyhow!!! …

    And if they kill Kubuntu, I’ll install KDE over Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, or I’ll just switch to Mepis or PCLinuxOS.

  5. Thanks, Jonathan. So far the Linux community – especially Ubuntu – has been great. I’ve had no show-stopping issues yet, and don’t expect any.

    Thanks for the reply, and Happy New Year!

  6. At the end of the day, Canonical is still a business. Sure Canonicals support for KDE in an LTS is important but KDE 3.5.* has been in the works for a long time and to say that KDE 4 can live up to the stability of 3.5 is a stretch. KDE4 is a huge *freaking* release involving a lot of porting and rewriting of code. Its the next big step in what KDE will become and should be treated as such.

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