Tools I use that I miss when I’m running Linux

I’ve been doing some thinking as to what tools I use every day that I miss when I boot into Linux.  In other words the following reasons are why I can’t totally get rid of Windows in my life.

  • OneNote:  One of the more misunderstood parts of the Microsoft Office suite.  I use OneNote for taking notes, for organizing meetings for everything I do.  I go into a meeting and open up OneNote.  I study for a new certification test, I use OneNote to help me understand things.  I’ve tried basKet and other tools from the FOSS world and can’t find anything that matches.  I cannot get basKet to organize things correctly (plus I think development has stopped), I’ve tried Tomboy, but still can’t get it organized the way I want.  OneNote is simple to use and quite powerful.
  • SQL Management Studio 2005:  Actually any tool that connects to SQL Server from MS is a requirement.  My day to day is working with MS SQL Server and I haven’t found a FOSS tool to work correctly with this.  Any suggestions here would be greatly appreciated
  • Outlook:  Work uses MS Exchange for email, enough said.
  • Groove:  Not quite sure I’m sold on Groove for MS yet, but just started using it and its pretty sweet.  Don’t know if its a keeper yet
  • SlingPlayer:  This is personal but I haven’t gotten it to work correctly in Linux with Wine yet.  I know there is a how-to on it, but I’ve fallen in love with my SlingBox

That’s it for now that I can think of.  Would love to find tools to replace these if possible in Linux.  Maybe I can get a list of possible replacements?


13 thoughts on “Tools I use that I miss when I’m running Linux

  1. I’ve used SQL Developer to work with Oracle and I believe it will connect to SQL Server as well. I’m sure it’s limited in it’s functionality. Unfortunately the majority of your tools are Microsoft based and they aren’t too open source with the protocols, source, etc 🙂

  2. Thansk both of you for these comments. As to the fact they aren’t open I understand. I wish there were comparable tools that worked as well as all of these utilities.
    If I was using MySQL the GUI tools are terrrible to use as well.
    Hopefully we will see an increase in the quality?

  3. You should definetly switch to Kubuntu then.
    Evolution/Tomboy was just not cutting it for me, but Kubuntu comes with something called Kontact where you get all the stuff in one placed, nicely integrated together:

    should read notes… native language xD

    just hope html will be supported 😀

  4. I’m just evaluating some online tools for keeping notes and todo lists. I was a long-time Outlook user, although my current company does not use Exchange so it is not mandated. They do have a house email style (in HTML) which means I have to use Thunderbird although I find it OK.

    I suggest that you check out

    It looks like a neat tool, and can integrate into some other things like gmail/google calendar. I can also provide an RSS feed I think.

    There are so many great ideas around like Google Mail, Google Calendar, Stikkit, Remember the Milk, Schedule World, etc. There’s also all the plumbing like webdav, ical, rss, atom, ldap, imap, etc to stick things together. It’s just hard to figure out the exact combination that will work for you across all your devices (I have a Windows Pocket PC too but ScheduleWorld makes that work) and operating systems.

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  7. Try Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex.

    Notes is activated by default, and appears as a widget on your desktop.

    Kontact and a host of other Microsoft applications you may be used to are included by default (calendar, email, etc.)

    I daresay you will be scarcely able to tell the difference.

    Furthermore, you could also install the Mozilla suite of applications, which also easily replace the Ouytlook types of applications.

    You also get a lot more security than Outlook (which is plagued by virus, trojan, and rootkit portals).

    Try Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex. You will never go back.

  8. @perspectoff

    If you read the rest of my blog you understand that I run Intrepid.
    I have tried Notes and Kontact and neither of them match the tools that I need.
    Outlook + Exchange + One Note is still the best and most powerful tool out there. Notes + Kontact still doesn’t work. Simple things like missing bullet points in notes is silly.
    And I have moved from Groove to Mesh and miss the fact there is no Linux client.

  9. Also for those that have mentioned various online tools won’t solve the problem.
    Many times I am offline and can’t get online access, whether on site with a customer who doesn’t provide internet access or flying on a plane.

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