Tools I miss when I’m running Windows

Since my last post I’ve been trying to figure out what tools I miss the most when I’m booted into Windows and it is actually a shorter list then tools I miss when I’m in Linux.

  • Kio-Slaves: The differnet slaves in KDE are great and make my day a lot easier.  Need to open a document on a remote server via ssh and edit it?  It’s really simple, open it up through Kate via SFTP and then save it back again: sftp://jjesse@home:/home/jjesse/test.txt
  • Konverstation:  I haven’t found a suitable IRC program to replace Konverstation.  In fact, I can’t find a GNOME equivalent  I like, but that is besides the point.  I’ve tried mIRC, and about 5 different programs and still can’t find one that I like as well. It is easy to use, I really like the On Screen Display, setting up different identies, etc.
  • Konqueror: I find myself trying to do some of the same things that I use Konqi for on a daily basis.  Need to connect to a remote computer?  Is it through Windows File Sharing?  No problem…. Is it via SSH?  No problem…  I can do this all through Konqueror.  Try to connect to a remote server via SSH in Windows?  Need to download a different program and then I still can’t map a network drive
  • Kate: For simple text editing there is nothing better at least in my opinion.  I work on the Ubuntu Doc Team and I love the way it handles Docbook XML with indentation, syntax highlighting, etc.

So here is my list of utilities I can’t live without when I’m booted into Windows.  Do you have a list?


4 thoughts on “Tools I miss when I’m running Windows

  1. Working as an (almost) network technician I sure do miss these:

    tcptraceroute: Great for checking availability of servers behind firewalls that block ICMP traffic
    mtr: I suppose pathping comes close, but mtr is possibly the king of all traceroutes
    A forgiving telnet client: The windows telnet client sends each character as you type it and is unforgiving of mistakes
    And of course, having an SSH client installed by default is perfection incarnate 🙂

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