Why do some people think Windows is dying?

Interesting article on the dot, in regards to KDE4 running on Windows, titled “Can KDE Save a Dying Windows Platform?

It is an interesting preview of KDE4 on Linux, but yet nothing on it talks about how Windows is dying, why the platform is dying, etc.  It is nothing more then a review of KDE4 on Windows, nothing more then that, just the fact that KDE can run on Windows.

Can someone please explain why Windows is dying?  Why the Windows Platform is dying?  Is it because of slow adoption rates of Vista? Or is there something that is causing Windows to  die?  I’m not seeing it in the businesses I work with.  In fact I see almost no Linux implementations going on.  In fact as I travel across the country in various different airports I see hardly anything on the desktop that resembles Linux.  There is an increase in Apples that I see, but nothing that would show/tell me that Windows is dying.

In fact with SQL 2008 coming out soon, along with Windows Server 2008, I think there will not be the decrease or death of the Windows Platform.

Prove me wrong….


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