Problems with upgrade from Gutsy to Hardy

Over the weekend while I was battling the flu, I performed an upgrade on my main home PC from Gutsy to Hardy.  I know Hardy isn’t stable yet and Feature Freeze just started but I decided to perform the upgrade to see what things are looking like.  And I have had nothing but problems.

When my computer restarts I get a nice notification that it cannot contact HAL.  I also cannot get into any of the system administration tasks to take care of the problem.  Network Manager does not let me access it saying I don’t have permission.  I am never prompted for my admin password.  I do not have any network configuration or IP address, so I can’t get out to the internet or run any other updates to resolve the problem

I posted to the Ubuntu Devel mailing list earlier today, but before I wipe and reload I’m posting this to see if any other suggestions could possibly work?

One thing I was suggested was to run sudo /usr/lib/hal/hald-generate-fdi-cache which I did and received no information back after running the program.

Any help? Also downloading the most current live cd to try and boot from that and then repair some how.


2 thoughts on “Problems with upgrade from Gutsy to Hardy

  1. I ran into the same thing.

    I switched to using all static network configuration to get myself the all-critical internet access.

    Then, I started up aptitude and just told it “go”. There were a whole bunch of as-yet unconfigured packages.

    I had a couple good reboots, but after that, somewhere along the way my initrd got hosed, and I just couldn’t boot up anymore.

    That’s when I gave up and installed a fresh Gutsy, and then upgraded that basic Gutsy to Hardy, and am now re-integrating all my customizations.

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