Use a projector with Kubuntu 8.04 Remix

I do a lot of training in my day job and one of the things i have been unable to do with my 8.04 with KDE4 install is to configure the projector to work the way I have it in Windows.  When i attach a projector to my Windows boot, my computer is set to extend the desktop to the projector and automatically adjusts the 2nd monitor (projector) to the correct resolution, which is 1024×768.

However in KDE 4, I have been unable to extend my desktop to the projector.  The desktop becomes mirrored to the projector and the main display of my laptop’s resolution is changed to match the 1024×768.  I have looked into system settings and the Screen Size and Rotate applet but have been unsucessful in finding a setting to extend.  In fact I am unable to adjust the resolution on my main display to the higher resolution.

If somoene could help me figure out what I’m doing wrong, that would be great.

Do I need to be using the restricted nvidia drivers?




One thought on “Use a projector with Kubuntu 8.04 Remix

  1. I use Gnome, but I’m guessing install the nvidia-new package and then making sure you are now nVidia restricted drivers, then installing the nvidia-settings packages, which can be launched with a command of the same name (run as root to permanently save changes to your xorg.conf), gives you an application that makes it incredibly easy to configure multiple monitors, and resolutions, etc. (The app is GTK, but should run find under KDE).

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