Configuring Laptop to share with Windows VM

After hunting around for a quite awhile I figured out how to share my document folders from Kubuntu 8.04 Remix laptop with my Windows XP VM. The current problem with Kubuntu 8.04 is that when you run kcmshell4 fileshare you can’t configure sharing due to not having permssions.  Then if you run kdesudo kcmshell4 fileshare, for some reason that I don’t know of, can’t find the command.  I reported this as a bug on, but havne’t heard anything more about that.

This post will be a placeholder to help me find this out later in life.

1.  Install samba

2.  sudo smbpasswd jjesse and enter a password

3.  Install system-config-samba (sudo apt-get install system-config-samba

4.  system-config-samba will not function because there is no file located in /etc/libuser.conf

5.  sudo touch /etc/libuser.conf

6.  sudo system-config-samba to setup your drives

From the VM:

Open up Network Neighborhood and map the drive using the username and the password (password setup in smbpasswd)

If there is a better way to solve this, let me know.


2 thoughts on “Configuring Laptop to share with Windows VM

  1. Thansk but with still doesn’t work on Kubuntu box. Receive the following:
    jjesse@jjesse-laptop:/usr/lib/kde4/bin$ sudo /usr/lib/kde4/bin/kcmshell4 filesharing
    Error: “/var/tmp/kdecache-jjesse” is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0.
    Link points to “/var/tmp/kdecache-root”

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