Firefox doesn’t let me pick my search engine??

On the blog search engine land, there is a very interesting article by Danny Sullivan.  In it, Mr. Sullivan argues that because Google made such a stink about Microsoft making Live Search its default for Firefox 3 search.  It is a valid argument that I wish more people would take up.  MS was forced to allow people on a fresh install of IE7 to decide what the default search engine was.  I choose to use Google, instead of Live Search.  However there doesn’t let me add Live Search to the list

In fact w/ MS IE7 I can chooe a whole list:



Something that can’t be done with Firefox, but I can choose to search Creative Commons (what is this?).


The comments are the greatest:

“This story is a joke and you should be [sic]embarassed for posting it.”

“The coexistance of Google and Firefox runs deep enough that you can type a keyword into the browser and you will be directed to the #1 website that is in Google search results for that keyword 90% of the time. Type in a word or a phrase (laptop, cheap laptop, iphone, Danny Sullivan) hit Go and see where you end up.  In IE this is not possible”

Gotta love fanbois


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