Bored?? or Lacking Motivation??

I sit in front of my computer take a look at my to-do list and do not do anything with it.  A new email comes in and it is something I need to deal with, so I mark it for follow up and then promptly do nothing about despite countless reminders.  I read through my emails and see various people have responded to bugs that I have asked for more information and I don’t feel like doing anything about them.

I wonder why…. is it because I have to much on my to-do list.  Or is it I’m just sitting here waiting for my wife to go to into labor?  Whatever it is if you were waiting for a response from me, I have marked it for follow-up and will be getting to it when I can.

Sorry about that

2 thoughts on “Bored?? or Lacking Motivation??

  1. I think it is a mix of two. You got bored for some reason and then a subtle lack of motivation appeared. Or the inverse, you got lack of motivation for some reason, and then everything became boring.

    I was/am in the same condition, sitting in front of my computer, queuing up my to-do’s, growing such list…
    Well, for me the world could be ending up and I wouldn’t notice…

    But exactly today [08.06.08] I started some of those pending tasks, mainly because I was feeling uncomfortable with this condition of waiting things to happen, or something like that.

    One solution is (this is one more to-do to queue up ;)): look at that list and reorder by difficulty level. So you can do the easy ones firstly and them, at least, shrink the list.

    Well, good luck with your tasks, to-do’s or whatevers! 😛

    Pedro Leite.

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