Doing Something Constructive About Oil Prices

From the Powerline blog



A chart presented by Republican whip Roy blunt.  Its great to finally see Republican policies on something for a change.  This is what we need to see more.  Republicans propose X law to save money, while the Democrats have done or proposed Y law to save money.  Which one saves us more money?  That’s who should be in power.


Oh one thing they are forgetting… Nuclear Power


2 thoughts on “Doing Something Constructive About Oil Prices

  1. Well according to that I guess Bush isn’t really a Republican. He got us into this mess by invading Iraq and turning off the oil flow. Believe me, neither of the major presidential candidates would do any better if they invaded Iran too. The real problem here is dollar devaluation, which can account for 80% of the rise in oil prices. To most people this is known simply as inflation. The only candidate promoting strong monetary policy is Ron Paul. Unfortunately he has been quickly dismissed by the media because his policies would disrupt the balance and the big companies are more comfortable with the status quo. What a shame.

  2. Bush may be a Republican in name, but not a conservative. Some might argue there isn’t a distinction there, but I would. If the war in Iraq was all about oil, how come we don’t get more of it?
    Going to war against Iran would probablly screw us over more with the cost of gas.

    How bout a new nuclear power plant to help get us off of needed natural gas/oil to produce electricity?

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