Looking for a way to manage my Music Library

I’m looking to figure out the best way to manage my music library and be able to use the files on all of my machines.

My setup:  Windows Vista Business Edition Laptop, Windows Vista Business Edition Desktop, with a 500 gig NTSF formatted USB drive, a Mac OS X laptop, and Kubuntu 8.04 workstation.

I am currently using iTunes to manage things, but have contemplated using some other program to control everything.  Also I have shared out my Music folder and so far have mapped drives, but is there a better way to manage my Music so I can play things on all devices?

Thanks in advance

7 thoughts on “Looking for a way to manage my Music Library

  1. what i would recommend is a media server. You can prolly pick a decent system up for $50-100 on ebay and just stick in some HDD’s and setup smb/windows shares and DAAP on it (to make it play well with iTunes). It shouldn’t take too long to set it up and IMO, it’s the best way to do it (It’s how i do it for music and videos)

  2. I have slimserver (from slimdevices.com) set up on both a windows laptop at work, and my Ubuntu desktop at home. You can stream music to multiple other machines at the same time over LAN or over the net. It only handles music, but it handles it very well. It looks like they are calling it squeezecenter now…. http://www.slimdevices.com/su_downloads.html

  3. I do something similar and it is set up like so:

    Mac OS X with iTunes controls the library. The music files are stored on a 500GB external firewire shared using Samba. On Windows you can use iTunes but you need to point it at the right location to store files on the share and you also need to import the songs each time b/c iTunes cannot “watch” you music directory. This is a little tedious but it works… or use http://www.musikcube.com/. On Ubuntu I use Banshee or Rhythombox which can “watch” your music directoy (the share) so whenever you add music via iTunes on your Mac, your Linux box player will see them automatically.

    So, music hosted on Mac via Samba share and all other machines just mount and look at the share. As long as your media players on the other machines can watch the share, scanning the dir for new files, it is actually fairly easy. Obviously it takes some fiddling with… but it should work.

  4. Amarok 2.0 is going to be released for windows linux and mac osx in a month or two. Then you could use the same media player and manage them like that. You could either use the external hard drive AS the music library or sync your music collection on all three computers with amarok (the former a simpler solution).

  5. Of course you could use iTunes on the Mac and Win boxes and just use iTunes music sharing. Although of course your options are limited to listening only on the Win boxes. Then just have Linux (Rhythmbox) watch the share.

  6. wow thanks for the great comments. I noticed that sometimes on my Windows/Mac boxes I can see other iTune shares and other times I can’t.

    Also some great ideas. Will tak a look at them.


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