45 New Nuclear Reactors by 2030

John McCain has announced a goal of having 45 New nuclear reactors.  This is good news.  We need more nuclear power plants, these plants are the greenest, cleanest producers of power currently out there. 

“China, Russia and India are all planning to build more than a hundred new power plants among them in the coming decades,” Mr. McCain said in this pocket of Missouri that is reliably Republican. “Across Europe there are 197 reactors in operation, and nations including France and Belgium derive more than half their electricity from nuclear power. And if all of these nations can find a way to carry out great goals in energy policy, then I assure you that the United States is more than equal to the challenge.”

This is another area we are failing behind….  We currently have 104 reactors with no new reactors since 1970. 

It is nice to see people supporting nuclear power, but I think people are getting behind this for the wrong reason.  Nuclear power will not reduce how much oil, it will reduce the greenhouse gases we are emitting.  The more and more we produce clean and cheap power, the more and more we can do without having to refine natural gas and the damage that does.

Something I can agree with that McCain supports

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