John McCain’s account of being a POW

In an article in US News and World Report originally published in May of 1973, John McCain wrote an article of his story as a POW in Vietnam.  This article was first posted online in January of 2008. 

During this election time, it is an amazing read and an amzing man to go through the torture the North Vietnamese put him through.  What an awesome story.

Official Ubuntu Book 3rd Edition — Barnes and Noble edition

Was at Barnes and Noble with my wife and I always check on the Linux computer book section to see what’s new there.  The section is always surrounded/swamped by the Microsoft Press books, but found the Official Ubuntu Book 3rd edition, special Barnes and Noble edition.

As mentioned earlier this edition has an entire chapter dedicated to the Ubuntu Forums but also contains a Kubuntu 8.04 CD showing off KDE.  Only disappointment is the Kubuntu version is not the KDE 4 version but the official KDE 3 version.

Go out and pick up the book today.

Zimbabwe’s answer: Print bigger bills

I’ve mentioned previously in this blog about how great a president Mugabe is  and how well the economy has been doing in Zimbabwe since he took power.

Today however on CNN I have seen an article where the government is now printing a $100 Billion dollar bearer note that can buy you 4 oranges but not a loaf of bread.

The official inflation rate is now at 2.2 million percent and will continue to grow.  Something has to be done to help the people of Zimbabwe.

This $100 billion dollar note, currently worth less then 1 USD, is a bearer check that have an expiration date of December 31.  This is not real currency and will never be used as such.

I am thankful for the country that I live in that we have money and are not dealing witch such crazy economic policies.

Great Video on SoftGrid

On Channel9 there was a great video about SoftGrid and application virtualization.  I learned a lot as it compares/relates to Altiris and SVS.

One of the downfalls for SoftGrid is that it is only sold as a part of MDOP and is not available at the consumer level.  SVS is available free to use for the personal use and quite the community has been built up around this product.  SVS Downloads is the place to get SVS for the personal use, the email it asks for is to send you the license file which you need.

In the Video, Charles Torre asks a question about can a developer download a CTP, package it and then share it with other developers.  With SoftGrid this would be possible only if you were an enterprise with MDOP.  However if you use Altiris’ SVS you could virtualize this application and share it with other developers free of charge (you may have a license issue with Microsoft) but it will work.

Anyway if you are interested in the differences between SVS and SoftGrid here is a great article on this:

Learn English First

Presidential Candidate Barak Obama believes we should learn Spanish instead of making the immigrants learn English.  However as the Powerline blog reports according to a Rasmussen poll 83 percent of respondents want the immigrants to learn English as their primary language instead of learning a second language.

Does this make us all ignorant?  Or should we as Americans expect people who live here learn the language?

No Surprise — Obama flips on FISA

That’s right lady’s and gentlemen…. No surpise… The Presidential Nominee from the Democrats has voted for the FISA bill in Senate helping it pass.  Through the primary season he has opposed granting immunity to telecoms who work with the government on wiretaps.  In fact he stated he was against any vote and would vote against cloture on any reform bill as long as it

Mr. Obama voted for the Dodd amendment to delete telecom immunity which failed and then voted Yes for the cloture even when he pledged No and then voted with the Majority for the act.

An interesting side line to this is that former presidential candidate voted against the bill, see this article in the Wall Street Journal for more information including some comments from the Obama website.

See Powerline for more information

What else will Mr. Obama keep his word on?

Zondervan Publishing Company Sued over Bible and Homosexuality

In a story that is running locally and also nationally on MSNBC, Zondervan a local company in Grand Rapids is being sued over homosexuality in the Bible.

Christian publisher Zondervan is facing a $60 million federal lawsuit filed by a man who claims he and other homosexuals have suffered based on what the suit claims is a misinterpretation of the Bible.

The problem is that in several of “editions” of the Bible published by Zondervan the word homosexual is used instead of sodomy or other terms.  Apparently the man’s pastor used a Zondervan Bible and because of it his family thought he was a sinner and he suffered $60 million worth of anguish and suffering.

But here’s the kicker…. Zondervan doesn’t own the copyright for any of the translations or in fact translate the Bible.

My wife did her internship as an editorial assistant in the Bible department.  Trust me, they don’t “edit” or translate the Bible.  They make sure the Bible has the correct pages in numerical order and the index references the correct page, not the words are correct or translated correctly.  The only edited portion of the Bible are the devotionals included with some of the Bibles.

In my view a silly lawsuit…