I Love KDE4

It’s amazing the whole let’s fork KDE discussion and keep the 3.5.X series but port to KDE and the hate people have towards the new desktop.

I have been using KDE 4 since the first packages came out for Kubuntu, Gutsy I think.  At first I found there were things I couldn’t get done it, but guess what, it was Alpha at that stage and since then I have grown to love and work better with KDE4. 

I am amazed at the personal attacks that I am seeing levied against some of the developers for the KDE 4 project.  I think it is a great change and is the next step forward.

During my day job I use Vista on my main machine.  I’ve been using Vista since it RTM’d and have grown to enjoy some of the way things are  organized.  Two examples of these are per application sound settings and the way the Start Menu and Search operates.  When I play music, I can keep the sound of the music up loudly while decreasing the sound of the other applications.   On the Start Menu, I simply start typing the name of the application or the name of the file and through the Windows Search, simply hit enter on the file or application I want to use.  I use the start menu, shortcuts on the desktop, and navigate a lot less using Windows Explorer.  These are the two biggest things I miss when I have to work on an XP computer.  To me XP feels outdated and old…. No longer “new” technology, but something I’ve been using for a long time.

Going back to KDE 3.5.X feels the same way.  How long has KDE 3 been in development?  New things come out, technology changes and KDE 4 proves that times have changed.  And for the better…. Going from KDE 4 to KDE 3.5.X is like going back to the past and no longer using the best that’s available

Disagree with what would you like to, but I would like to offer a word of encouragement to the developers and to those that have poured their time, money, and love into the new product.  Keep up the great work.



Update:  My arguement got lost in translation from my head to the keyboard… I’m not arguing we should KDE 4 cause it’s like Vista… I guess what I was trying to argue was that like Vista, KDE 4 takes some while to get used to and that I don’t want to use KDE 4 jus tlike I don’t want to use XP.  I feel less productive in both.


7 thoughts on “I Love KDE4

  1. Hopefully not in the same way…. I guess what I was trying to argue was that like Vista, KDE 4 takes some while to get used to and that I don’t want to use KDE 4 jus tlike I don’t want to use XP. I feel less productive in both.

  2. So how, exactly, do you think KDE4 is better than KDE3? I mean, aside from being prettier to look at. I’ve listed the ways in which it is inferior, but I’ve seen no similar list of what makes KDE4 worth using, and I haven’t been able to find anything that makes it worth using on my own.

  3. Wolfger … let me think:
    Kde4 is lighter than kde3 … and faster.
    Akonadi, Nepomuk Gwenview and so on … make kde4 a much more integrated environment than kde3 … (well, not only kde3)
    Okular is much more powerful than any other similar viewer and resolves a very pressing feature request: COMMENTS on pdf an chm.
    Konqueror on Kde4 si a better web browser than on Kde3.
    MANY qt4 ports of apps on kde4 are better than the qt3 versions (Semantik for example).

    excuse me, but I had onlyfew seconds … and I think it’s not a complete list … but I think that it’s enough to start looking at kde4 as a solution and not as a problem

  4. I think I’m understanding a bit better now. You love KDE4 because you see improvements. Coincidentally, I use none of the apps you list… Akonadi, Nepomuk, Gwenview, Okular… Konqueror4 may be a better browser than Konqueror3, but I only use Konqueror for file management (and now Dolphin is used for that). Okay, Dolphin4 > Dolphin3. That is an improvement I tend to overlook. Next time I boot up 4, I’ll check out the apps you’ve mentioned here.

  5. Wolfger excuse me, but … the default image viewer and the default ebook reader are 2 of the first 10 things i look for when I’m testing a new DE.
    Akonadi is not a program … is a sort of “integration Layer” for kdepim.
    Nepomuk … well … is one of the biggest pieces in kde4 … and it also makes Dolphin work better.

    Yep … I see improvements in the user experience … and I see a DE able to be improved (excuse my BAD english … this sentence is not so bad in italian, I swear) quickly and continuosly (plasma).

    Kde3 is beautiful, but it has limits … and many apps were getting exausted trying to grow … I would say that in 2008 kde3 is not friendly for improvements anymore.
    I think we will have a more complete horizon with the new release of Koffice (the bigger lack at this moment).

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