The Mother of All Flip-flops

One of the blogs I read every day and find great information out of is Patterico’s Pontifications.  Today he posts about one of the greatest of all flip flops by a politician.

We all remember John Kerry voting for the war and then voting against it.  Mrs. Clinton was for the war before she was against it and now Mr. Obama is no longer planning on pulling out troops from Iraq

And just look at all the posts on Memeorandum:

“New and Not Improved — New York Times”

“Obama May Consider Slowing Iraq Withdrawal” —  Washington Post

“Obama Strives to Retain Some Flexibility on His Iraq Policy” — New York Times

“Obama’s Iraq Quagmire” — Political Punch

“Obama to ‘refine’ Iraq Plan” — The Politico

But back to Patterico’s Pontifications who walks us through all Mr. Obama’s previous positions and statements going back as far as January 31, 2007.

Is ths the change everyone hoped for?  Changing back to what our current President is doing?  If so would it seem to make sense that what President Bush is doing is correct?  That the surge is working?  That we need to keep our troops in Iraq longer then the 16 months Mr. Obama promised when he was seeking the nomination?

If you are a Democrat and your candidate is once again “restating” his position, how do you feel today?


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