To post or not to post — A reply

First of this post is a little late, but not because I’m upset with with my friend Og Maciel or anything, just life has gotten a lot crazier here.

Anyway I have found this conversation very interesting, including the comments following his post in regards to Post or Not Post.

Part of my frustration in asking Og if is the correct place to post political comments are two foldfold:

1.  Comments I’ve received in my blog about mixing political views and technology news or thoughts on technology

2.  Assumption that everyone who reads the planet holds the same political views.

Let me expand on each one.

I would label my political leanings as very conservative, perhaps a Reagan Conservative.  I disagree with some of the policies of the current administration, I also agree with some of the policies of the current administration.  And based on these believes I find that I differ a lot from most people who use and develop Open Source software.  Just read my blog to find out what I believe.

An example of comments I’ve received in regards to my postsings:

I’ll try to help out despite the fact that you’re doing something I abhor: combining technology and political leanings.

This amazes me simply because of the amount of people that do post political views.  Just read Debian’s Planet, or KDE’s Planet to find numerous examples of such.

The second view is just my own, maybe I’m paranoid or too conspiracy driven, but it seems a lot of posts to the various planets are under the assumption that you believe exactly what the poster believes, when in fact I differ a lot in this regard.  (I know Og wasn’t posting this way, just his thoughts) 


The more I have thought about should focus on technology and stay on topic as possible.  If I want to read more about what you as a person are doing or thinking I will subscribe to your entire blog, not just the planet.

But the beauty of the Internet is we can all disagree and hopefully remain friends.



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