The Greatest Feeling in the World

I’ve been working on this post for quite awhile and have started over several times along with writing it in my head.

On Wednesday I became a father.  That’s right…. There is now a small child that relies on my wife and I for everything.  From food and shelter to training and instruction.

I’m not one for hospitals blood, or pain so I was dreading the whole labor/birth and watching my wife go through labor pain was extremely difficult.

My wife and I didn’t know exactly what sex the baby was going to be, we decided early on that it should be a surprise.  When the baby was born the doctor asked if I wanted to announce the sex, and I did.  We had a boy, and my wife promptly gave him the name “Caleb.”  Seeing him for the first time is an experience I will never forgot and is also very hard to put into words.

So if I seem a bit distracted, or disappear quickly, chances are if I’m at home, its because I’m off helping with the baby.

Below is a picture of our new son, and for more pictures, see our Flickr page.

Dad and Caleb


4 thoughts on “The Greatest Feeling in the World

  1. I saw a lamb giving birth to twins yesterday for the first time and even that was amazing! I can’t imagine how awesome it must be to see a human get born, especially if it’s your own kid! Congratulations!

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