Zondervan Publishing Company Sued over Bible and Homosexuality

In a story that is running locally and also nationally on MSNBC, Zondervan a local company in Grand Rapids is being sued over homosexuality in the Bible.

Christian publisher Zondervan is facing a $60 million federal lawsuit filed by a man who claims he and other homosexuals have suffered based on what the suit claims is a misinterpretation of the Bible.

The problem is that in several of “editions” of the Bible published by Zondervan the word homosexual is used instead of sodomy or other terms.  Apparently the man’s pastor used a Zondervan Bible and because of it his family thought he was a sinner and he suffered $60 million worth of anguish and suffering.

But here’s the kicker…. Zondervan doesn’t own the copyright for any of the translations or in fact translate the Bible.

My wife did her internship as an editorial assistant in the Bible department.  Trust me, they don’t “edit” or translate the Bible.  They make sure the Bible has the correct pages in numerical order and the index references the correct page, not the words are correct or translated correctly.  The only edited portion of the Bible are the devotionals included with some of the Bibles.

In my view a silly lawsuit…


2 thoughts on “Zondervan Publishing Company Sued over Bible and Homosexuality

  1. Should a publisher be held accountable for the content of their publications? It’s a bit of a tricky question. In full generality they should not. For instance, one might wish to have books containing dangerous ideas, such as “Mein Kampf”, published for historical reasons. Let’s question for a second why one might wish to publish the non-standard translation of the Bible you discuss above.

    It seems that the sole purpose of this translation choice is to emphasize that in any faith which accepts it as their text, sodomy and homosexuality are one and the same, and they are a sin. I personally count this as a dangerous idea. Perhaps it belongs in books to document a currently held belief, one which I hope will soon be as laughable as the ideas contained in “Mein Kampf”. I don’t think that any such text should be used to teach a congregation. Should the publisher be held accountable? The Church? The individual Pastor? I don’t know, but I don’t feel that bad about Zondervan losing some revenue.

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