Should we care about Mr. Obama’s "lost brother"

Is there a story behind Mr. Obama’s lost brother that I’m not seeing?  Is there a reason we should care about George Hussein Onyango Obama and the fact he is living in a hut outside of Nairobi?

I would argue there isn’t a story.  Mr. Obama and his brother, step-brother? seem to be separated for a reason and a reason that shouldn’t matter on how Mr. Obama would govern if he is elected president.

Some times news papers should just leave people alone and not to far to find “dirt”


One thought on “Should we care about Mr. Obama’s "lost brother"

  1. I beg to differ. Obama’s platform is strongly based on various topics that essentially come down to welfare. He wants me to trust him with my money to responsibly manage a national welfare program. I would expect that he would be able to more responsible with managing the welfare of his own family. If he can keep his own brother in decent housing, how can I trust that he will keep my family in decent housing?

    This would also apply to Sarah Palin if one of her platforms were reducing teen pregnancy (with the fact that Palin’s 17 year old daughter is pregnant).

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