Mr. Obama’s longest job

From one of my favorite blog sites (Patterico’s Pntifications) comes the note that if Mr. Obama was to be elected president to two terms that would be the longest job he has ever had, 8 whole years.

And let’s not forget that most of the time he’s spent in the senate he’s been campaigning.

After Columbia he spent a year in a New York business, a year in a NY non-profit, and then headed to Chicago where he spent 3 years as a “community organizer.”

Then he went to law school, returning to Chicago in 1991.  He did some community organizing, then was an associate for a Chicago law firm for three years.  After that he was to the State Senate – a part time legislature — and served as a lecturer at the Univ. of Chicago law school — another part-time gig.  He was involved in a variety of community organizations during this period.

His Senate seat is the first full-time job he has had since his law firm days — but he’s only been in that job for 4 years.

So, serving 8 years at POTUS would be his longest stint in any position of full-time employment in his life.

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