Proud our State yet again….

I live in Michigan, and sometimes based on the things that happen here I am ashamed to admit I live here.  First off all anyone knows about Michigan is Detroit, everything else is the great wilderness and it snows year round.  Secondly we have some of the most incompetent politicians anywhere.  Where else do you have a mayor who is currently on trial where the judge is the governor debating wether to remove him or not.

But then you our governor’s husband “asking the question” on whether or not a female with children should be involved in politics.  Which is ironic cause his wife started a campaign to become Attorney General when they had a one year.

But that was totally diffferent because his wife isn’t Governor Pallin, a Republican.  Seriously Mr. Mulhern would you like to go back to the era of Ward and June Cleaver?  Should Governor Palin instead be fetching the newspaper and pipe for Mr. Palin as he comes home from working with oil each day?  Just like June Cleaver for Ward?

What were you thinking?


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