Creating a Scripted SUSE Server install

I’m working on trying to create scripted SUSE Enterprise Server install and running into all kinds of issues.  First off this will be deployed through the Altiris Deployment Server.  Deployment server supports scripted OS installs, however the only document there is relates to creating a scripted Red Hat iinstall w/ Kickstart and SUSE uses AutoYast.

So has anyone done this?  Anyone used a scripted SUSE Install w/ Altiris Deployment Server or have I run into the great black hole?

Also in AutoYast I can create the profile, and also the profile validates, however when I go to save I get an error:

Some schema check failed

Please attach your logfile to bug id 211014

Checking XML with RNG validation….

However I can’t sign in to view this bug.

Two things I need some help with:

1.  Anyone do any scripted Deployment Server SUSE Linux deployment

2.  Any idea on the bug?




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