Thoughts on the Jaunty Jackalope

Mark has posted the codename of the next Ubuntu release, 9.04 along with some of the goals the distro team is going to focus on.

One of these goals is blurring the line between web applications and the desktop.  I hope we don’t move to far in blurring these lines.  I am not looking for an application that can only function connected to the web or some application that loose features when not connected to the web.  There are way to many places that I don’t have web access.  Often as a consultant when I bring my laptop onsite I’m not allowed on the corporate network or even on a guest network (if they even have one) and do not want to loose the ability to use that application.

Is this goal some how designed to combat what Google is doing with Google Gears or Microsoft is doing w/ Live Mesh or is it jumping on a bandwagon? 

One of those applications for Linux/Windows is Dropbox, however it only works in Ubuntu and with Nautlius.  Are we going to have the same problems with these new web apps in 9.04?  That is they only work in Ubuntu and not in Kubuntu, further the often repeated story that Canonical only cares about Ubuntu and not Kubuntu.


When will one of the goals be enterprise support and adoption?  Will one of these releases ever focus on ease of use for deployment, configuration and management of hundreds of Ubuntu machines?  Hopefully some place we can discuss this, maybe at the next UDS?  Hopefully I’ll see you there


5 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Jaunty Jackalope

  1. Thanks for point that it works in Fedora as well. Also I would love to try to make one but I don’t know the first thing about coding so that would be a mostly pointless exercise 🙂

  2. 😛 well, I got an invite for it left, if you’d like one for future use. Meanwhile poke someone to copy the nautilus one to work on dolphin 😉

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