Interesting Title About Recent Poll Results

Headline from the Associated Press in regards to a recent poll “Whites lift McCain to slim lead over Obama in poll.”

Shouldn’t the headline talk about how more people view McCain has the experience to be President or how more people feel Palin has more experience then Obama.  Instead of how the white people are voting for McCain?

Let’s look at some figures from the poll

The Arizona senator has a 13-percentage-point lead over his Democratic rival both with men and senior citizens, and a 23-point advantage among rural residents

So McCain is leading Obama amongst men and senior citizens and also amongst rural votes.  By a lot

Another stat:

94 percent of Republicans back McCain, while 83 percent of Democrats prefer the Illinois senator.

Interesting the “divided” Republican party backs McCain better then the Democrats back their own candidate.  Wonder how many of those 17% of Democrats are Hillary supporters who would rather vote for McCain?  Looks like good news for McCain.

Bad news for McCain as Obama is:

He’s preferred two-to-one by those who say the nation’s economy is in poor shape

So still looking for the White people lift lead for McCain part that is highlighted by the headline

But McCain now leads amongst likely voters:

McCain leads Obama among likely voters, 48 percent to 44 percent

It isn’t until more then halfway down the article the AP breaks down race/gender/etc and finds that white people favor McCain.   And probably African-American people favor Obama.  Is it that hard to figure out?


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