A wake up call for all politicians

My friend Robert Scoble and I have disagreed a lot lately in  the current discussion on politics that have take place on FriendFeed but on his most recent blog entry I agree with him on a lot of things

I would argue that his post should be titled “A Wake Up Call for All politicians” and not just Democrats.  There are some things towards the end that I disagree with but let’s look at what I think should be a wake call for all:

1.  Our education system:  Why is our education system lagging?  Is it because we have teachers that need to be removed but can due to tenure?  Is it because of the classroom size?  Or is because our colleges are not training the students correctly?  Maybe our education system is broke because the parents are not taking the vested interest they should?  But I totally agree the education system needs to be fixed.  No Child Left Behind was a start, but so much more needs to be done.

2.  Our taxation and infrastructure is whacked:  Yes our taxes are way too high but no one (Republican or Democrat) wants to cut programs or cut spending.  Plus our invovlement in Iraq is costing us a fortune, which in turns is costing us a ton in debt and taxes.  Lower taxes and make the current tax cuts permanent.

I think before we worry about broadband and other technologies we need to worry about our physical infrastrucutre. Our power grid is way outdated, in fact this is going to be a bigger and bigger problem as more and more people use alternative sources of energy (wind, solar, etc).  We lag behind the world in Nuclear Power Plants, lag behind the world in Oil Refineries, lag behind the world in so much…

So focus first on our infrastrucutre and then worry about things like IPTV, broadband, etc

3.  Our health care costs:  Not only are business drowning in costs, but people are drowning in health care costs.  I took my son for his 2 month shots and they were over $350.  Thank goodness for insurance covering all of that.  Why are these costs so high?

4.  Our immigration policies:  Congress voted to build a fence and also the money for a fence but nothing has been done.  Why?

And not just our borders w/ Mexico but the different workers that are coming to work and live in America.  When MS has to open an office in Vancouver just to help meet the needs of its foreign workers there is a problem.  We are losing great minds, their income, the secondary jobs they provide for spending that income, plus everything else they and future generations would provide to America

I disagree with Robert on some of the concepts he brings forth in the last two points but everything else is something every politician should be promoting.  Now if we could find real men and women who would stick up for their beliefs and help make America a better place it would be great.

Where and what is this generations Moon Shot?


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