Things I’ve learned from a friendfeed discussion

The other day I got involved in a discussion on FriendFeed with my friend Robert Scoble and his friends that centered around politics and the current election.

I learned several things:

1.  How great FriendFeed is for discussion.  People I would have no other contact with I got a chance to disagree with and also to learn new things from. Their points caused me to think, hopefully something I said caused them to think as well.

2.  A majority of people on FriendFeed seem to hold Democratic beliefs.  I only state that because it seems a lot technologist learn towards the “left” as opposed to the Republican/Conservative side.

3.  The Religious Right is still blamed for a lot of things people view are wrong with the country.  I wonder how much political sway the “religious right” still has?  I am religious, I am conservative, but I wouldn’t label myself as belonging to the religious right.  And yes I read the sites posted to me, and frankly don’t agree with the bias they start with.

4.  People are worried that if Senator McCain is elected to President he will die shortly after being inaugurated.  Is this a valid concern?  If so why?  Are people hoping Senator McCain doesn’t live long?  What is going on here?  Does age really play so much  in deciding how a person feels about a politician?  I doubt it, a persons mind is made up way before age even comes into play.


Thanks again for the discussion


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