Coming to UDS Mountain View

Got the official word yesterday that I will be coming to UDS Mountain View to help work on Ubuntu 9.04, the Jaunty Jackalope.

So what do I think needs improvement in 9.04?  Thanks for asking here’s my list:

1.  Continue Improvement on documentation, especially on the Kubuntu side of things.  For 8.10 I know I didn’t spend as much time working on the docs as I  should have.  Hopefully we can get things done better in 9.04

2.  Enterprise deployment and management tools, along with documentation.  I know the server team has done some work on ageaus and I also know there was a lot of work done on ebox as well.  I think one thing that needs to done is more work on how to deploy, manage, update for large enterprises Ubuntu.

3.  Training:  I will be meeting with the training team as well to help work with the training program.


Looking forward to UDS Mountain View and meeting old friends in person again.



One thought on “Coming to UDS Mountain View

  1. Push Kickseed as the preferred method. When we can use cobbler to manage all systems it will be a truly wonderful day.

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