Echoing Kubuntu the Blue-headed Stepchild

I would like to echo pretty much everything said by my friend JontheEchidna.

It is unfortunate that Kubuntu is still such a 2nd class citizen.  Especially when a fix isn’t even tested in the largest derivative that Ubuntu does and is supported.

I wonder if this will ever change?  i doubt it.


3 thoughts on “Echoing Kubuntu the Blue-headed Stepchild

  1. Well, if you think it won’t change, what do you do in Kubuntu? Let’s change to another distro more KDE fair.

    I think it must change.

  2. I’ve tried several times. OpenSuSE, Debian and others just don’t seem to work as well as Kubuntu does on my machines. What distro would be more “KDE” friendly?
    Besides I have a large # of friends in the Ubuntu community that I don’t want to leave working with

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