Manage Fusion Day 1

Semi-live blogging Manage Fusion here in Orlando at the JW Marriott Resort which is a very very beautiful location.

Day 1 has very busy, been working the ITS booth and in meetings all day long.  First time I’ve opened up my laptop to semi-get caught up.

No major announcements so far that I can tell.  We all knew that NS7 and the Suites have been delayed and are coming out in the first quarter of 2009.  Keynote seemed lower key then normal for some reason, but maybe it was because I was half asleep.

Sat through a Unix/Linux lab which was disappointing due to it being the same lab I have sat through lab last year.

Spent some time with Symantec Education which was interesting on how things are changing for ITS in regards to selling and delivering Education.

The comic book (ITS Fantastic) is a HUGE hit.  If anyone is reading this that is at Manage Fusion stop by the ITS booth and get my signature, I’m the trainer.  I’ve signed so many comic books already, can’t keep count.

Spending the rest of the day on NS7 stuff, Patch Management, Sever Management Suite, etc.  Maybe more posts later.




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