Manage Fusion Day 3

Late on this post, it is more a wrap up of Manage Fusion then just a daily blog of the conference.

The Good?

Spent a lot of time meeting with customers, both old customers and hopefully potential customers. The last time I was at Manage Fusion I spent a majority of the time attending sessions and did not come into much contact with customers.  This time it was different and I enjoyed myself more.

If I met you at manage Fusion and you gave me a card, you probably heard back from me via email already.  Thanks for the opportunity to talk.

Also I spent some time talking with the head of Server Management Suite in regards to Unix/Linux support and where things are heading.  It was a very good and interesting talk.  Hopefully I can do more Linux/Altiris engagements in the future

We did a lot of great things this trip that didn’t happen last conference.  The Marketing team did a great job with the comic and lots of people seemed to enjoy it.

The Bad?

Spent way too much time at the bar spending time talking with customers.  Should have gone to bed earlier each night, maybe would have had more energy for Day 3 of sessions and talking with customers

The Ugly?

Seaworld… The “big party” was at Seaworld this year and it was a joke compared to Islands of Adventure in previous years.  I felt like I was being herded around and didn’t have as much freedom to do things.  I guess I was expecting more of Seaworld then the two rides and the band playing.  Please don’t make us go back to Seaworld 🙂


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