Jaunty Release Schedule Announced

Another release is now out the door and the new release schedule has been announced for Ubuntu 9.04 will ship on April 23rd of 2009.  Hard to believe how quickly April will come up and we will then have another release out the door yet again.

A couple of key dates for myself:

  • December 11th is the Ubuntu Developer Summit at Mountain View, if I haven’t met you before in person we should meet at UDS
  • February 16th is feature freeze and time to finalize the documentation
  • March 26th is Documentation String Freeze where the docs are finalized and ready for translation and l10n.

Getting excited about another release.  Hope this time work doesn’t get in the way of spending time working on Kubuntu and Kubuntu docs like what happened last release schedule.



2 thoughts on “Jaunty Release Schedule Announced

  1. Hi, just a couple of notes…

    Is the 11th intended as the starting date or the ending date of UDS?

    Even FOSSCamp, isn’t it happening the 5th and the 6th? (page says the 4th)

    Ciao! 🙂

  2. Milo,

    Sorry for the late response. I think the 11th is the end of UDS, gotta check my own plane tickets 🙂 And yes FOSSCAMP is happening the 5th and 6th.

    The great thing about the schedule is it is on a wiki, edit it following the correct procedures

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