Problems trying to run Fedora 10 – KDE

The software I consult on supports Red Hat and SUSE Linux so I’ve decided to try and learn Red Hat as it is used more in the enterprise.  I have downloaded Fedora 10 (the KDE remix) and installed it in a VM.  A couple of things I have noticed is for some reason it takes more RAM then my Kubuntu 8.10 VM does and in fact I’m having problems using it at all.

The screenshot below is the boot up of Fedora 10, no “splash screen” or anything.


Then once it starts up and I sign in I get the following screenshot with no response:


It just sits there and does nothing.

The one thing I’m trying hard to figure out is where do I go to get support for this.  The #fedora-kde channel on freenode seems to be more for developers, and I can’t find a help channel and also there is no fedora-kde users mailing list that I can find.

So far it looks like KDE is treated even worse then it is in the Ubuntu world at least as far as I can tell.

Someone able to help me out?  Haven’t had much joy googling to solve my problem


4 thoughts on “Problems trying to run Fedora 10 – KDE

  1. You’re obviously using an earlier beta, which certainly had it’s fair share of issues. Please consider trying out the F-10 preview release, which should be better by any measure.

    In the meantime, looking for help, goto #fedora (or #fedora-kde is ok too, if #fedora isn’t fruitful).

  2. The Fedora forum at are among the best I have come across. There is a specific forum there for F10 too.

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