A Prayer for our President Elect

In today’s church bulletin was a prayer for the president elect.  Now our church is conservative and a majorityprobablly did not vote for President Elect Obama, however this prayer should reflect the views of all Chrisitians as we move into the transition of the Obama presidency:

We praise you Holy Father that You have reealed to us through Holy Scripture that there is no authority except that which stems from Your hand for Your purposes and that the authorities who have been voted into office for these next years habe been instituted by You.  It is with great confidence in You and not our government that we give oruselves to be subject to our governing authorities as You have commanded.  We give ourselves to pray for these men and women who have been voted into office and promise to be subject to them as long as they don lead in ways inconsisten with what You have revealed about Yourself and Your will for our living.

We specifically pray for Barak Obama as our president-elect.  In accordance with Your will, might You be pleased to draw him close to You that he might lead in ways that are consistent with Your character and Your desired intention for society.  Give strength and clarity of mind in order that he might frightly reason and will the good as he engages the monumental task of being president of the United States of America.  We pray similary for vice-president elect Joe Biden.  May your glory be revealed as these men accomplish thier parts in Your larger Story….

This is something that I will try to pray for the next four years as we embark on a new presidential term.  Hopefully this blog will reflect this as I pray for our President to lead in a way that honors and glorifies God.



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