Thanksgiving Meme

Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States, a day marked not only with lots of good food and hopefully good football, but also spending time with good friends and family (sometimes they’re even the same  people!) celebrating the good things in your life.

In celebration of this holiday I’m going to start a meme in hopes that it will be carried over to some of the other planets across the blogosphere.


  1. Make a list of five things you’re thankful for (stating your reasons is optional).
  2. If you’re thankful for a project or organization with a website please include a link so we can possibly discover new things.
  3. Post your list and these instructions on your blog for your reader’s enjoyment.



1.  My family, my wife first of all, and my new born son secondly

2.  My job, well the fact that I have a job that provides for my wife to stay home which is what she wanted, and some what more importantly my job is not looking to layoff people or is currently not having any financial difficulty in the current economy.

3.  Ability to travel:  This is something that goes along with my job, but i travel a lot for my job and get to experience differnt parts of the country, different company cultures and see more then the town I was born in and currently live in

4.  The Ubuntu Community:  I’ve made a lot of friends in the community and they are very open to people who want to contribute, even for a non-developer.  I can help troubleshoot bugs, can write documentation, and sometimes be an annoying pest and be accepted as a member of the developer team.


Go ahead and post yours



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