UDS Jaunty — Day 1

Others have already beaten me to the punch with an overview of Day 1, but here are my thoughts on the subject.

The hotel is really nice, nice breakfast, nice bar, and great beds.  Slept really well.

Got up way to early due to being three time zones behind my normal schedule, but that is not as bad as some of the people that I’ve met.

The biggest difference between this UDS and UDS – Boston, the last one I was at, is how much better organized the whole event seems to me.  The discussion events are lead by “team leads” who keep the discussion on topic and more importantly are “assigning” people to certain topics.  An example of this was in the Kubuntu Gap Analysis section, somone would mention something and then get assigned to implement that topic.  This adds some level of responsibility as the person assigned it is now on the wiki page.

The other cool part was the launchpad plenary which talked about open sourcing launchpad and all it involved.  Still do not understand why some people are upset that soyouz is not going to be open sourced, maybe someone can explain that to me?

Also it was cool seeing how many netbooks were being used.  I used my Dell 910 the entire time and don’t regret it.  The one thing is I wish I had some form of cover for the netbook so I didn’t have to carry my large laptop backpack that was mostly empty.

See you all at UDS tomorrow and join us in #ubuntu-summit on freenode


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