UDS Jaunty Day 2

Had another great day at UDS Jaunty.  Started with a plenary session in regards to MOTU and how it works, including a discussion on problems and how to improve the process (if it needed it).  THen we moved into the different development track discussions.

Spent sometime talking about the Installer process in Jaunty and how things are going to improve.  One thing that is now on my to do list is to get the OEM documentation changed and updated for Jaunty as it is currently out of date on the Ubuntu side and doesn’t exist on the Kubuntu side of things. 

Then later on in the day we had a discussion on what the Desktop Experience team is working on for Jaunty and Jaunty +1.

The last session I remember was the Kubuntu documentation discussion that Rich Johnson already blogged about.

Well it’s way late agai, or at least feels that way, see you all tomorrow at UDS or at #ubuntu-summit


Big Push for KDE Documentation

My buddy Rich Johnson (nixernal) already blogged about Kubuntu Documentation for Jaunty (spec can be found here).  One of things we are focusing on for this release is KDE 4 documentation that is upstream for us.

If you are interested in helping out at with KDE docs, join us on freenode @ #kde-docs.  Even if all you can do is send a text file to myself or Rich Johnson (nixternal@ubuntu.com) and we will put it into docbook format.

Thanks for the help,