UDS Jaunty Day 3

Day 3 of UDS Jaunty started out with spending most of the morning in the Server Room (Asgard) and the opening session was the server roundtable discussion.  The beauty of the roundtable format is that whatever needs to be discussed can be even if there isn’t a session schedule specifically to deal with it.

The next session was dealing with Ubuntu’s Cloud Strategy.  This session involved discussion with the Man himself, SABDFL (Mark Shuttleworth).  Cloud Computing is an important focus of 9.04 as there will be supported Amazon EC2 images of Ubuntu Server.  Also SADFL stated there should be 5 commands in 5 Ubuntu Server to help setup a local cloud:

    1. Create a master management node
    2. Create a group management node
    3. Register the group with the Master
    4. Create a node
    5. Register the node with a group

This will help anyone setup a local cloud within their own LAN or datacenter.

Another very interesting session in the morning was dealing with VMBuilder and ISO/USB Support (spec can be found here).  Soren has done a bang up job with VM Builder (used to be Ubuntu VMBuilder but it is being used for building a lot more then just Ubuntu VMs and the goal is to be able to create ISOs and also support USB drives.

On the way to lunch and looking for Riddell, Seele, and Tonio, I found them having a discussion in the Desktop room who were discussion what was going on with Notifications in 9.04 and how the changes the Desktop Experience team is changing Ubuntu.  This discussion revolved on what was going to happen with Kubuntu, especially in the light of aseigo’s post.  Is Kubuntu more of a KDE distro or a support Canonical distro.  Very good discussion with SABDFL in regards to where and what he thinks Kubuntu should be.  Hopefully some good news/announcements will come out of that discussion.

After lunch I attended a discussion called “Online Services Integration.”  Which was about what the Online Services Team is working on.  I actually have no clue in regards to what this was all about.  I think the team is working on something like Dropbox or Windows Mesh or Mobile Me for Mac.  So there would be a folder in Nautlius that someone could store files on it which would replicate to Canonical servers???? Actually no idea what is going on with this.  But it seems like a duplication of efforts??  Good luck with whatever this means and is.

This was day 3 of UDS for me…



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