More from SABDFL on Notifications

On his blog today, Mark mentions more about the changes to notifications coming up in Jaunty Jackalope.  As many have mentioned, this past UDS was all about notifications and how Canonical/Ubuntu is working to implement these in the next release.

There is a nice video as well on his blog that was also shown at UDS as a conceptualisation of what they are working on.

The coolest part about the work on notifications is there will be no slider, button to close, not X or antyhing.

The other nice part is them not piling up when you are away may miss them.  I often leave my laptop running as I get called away into a meeting or take a conference call and hate comming back to a stack of notifications on what happened while I was away.

I am looking forward to the changes that are comming down and am also glad that Canonical is looking to implment them in both KDE and GNOME.


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