The Ubuntu Ethos

Jono mentioned at UDS the Ubuntu Ethos and what Ubuntu means to him and posted on his blog them same “keynote.”  A part of this was his call for others to answer why they use and/or are involved with Ubuntu and I decided to share my thoughts.

To me it is friends and community.  A group of people to hang out with and more importantly a place that I can give back.  I am not a developer, I don’t even play one on TV.  But there is finally a place for me to give back to the software that I use.

When I first started using Linux, I think it was Slackware and then moved onto Debian I was always looking for an area to give back but I didn’t (don’t) know how to code, didn’t know (don’t really want to learn) how to package or any other “developer” related activies.  The Ubuntu community is the first community that has made me feel welcome.

Ubuntu has done a great job of allowing those who are involved outside of development to be contributors whether they are Loco Team members, Forum Admins, Wiki people or other roles.   I have never felt like a second class citizen of the community because I’m not a MOTU or Core-Dev or any other type of -dev.  And it should stay that way.

How do I give back?  The unglorious job of writing system documentation that people hardly ever look at.  But it has to be done.  It is also how I learned how to use Ubuntu and also how I have learned more about managing a Linux system then any other book/article/newsgroup/forum could have taught.  Try it yourself sometime, try to document something new to you and you will get a much understanding of the system.

So community is why I use and am involved in Ubuntu.  I have a lot of great friends that I would never had otherwise and I get to give back.

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