Kubuntu Jaunty and a Dell Mini 9: A brief review

Last night I downloaded the “current” daily-live cd of Kubuntu Jaunty and booted up my Mini on it to give a test to see how things were shaping up.

First off I would like to see it looks purty.  The thing just looks great.  KDE 4.2 looks great, it is a very nice system and I’m looking to use it full time.  The network-manager applet looks great and works very well.  I was able to connect to my wireless and surf the web fine.

Things looked great.  Earlier i had a problem where the touchpad was not working correctly.  This has since been resolved and I was ready to install.

However when I went to install through Ubiquity I was unable to get past the partitioning portion of the wizard.  Whether I chose the automatic partitioning or the manual partitioning I was unable to successfully write the changes.  I tried to delete and reformat my partitions and everything else I could do.  Since I am unable to format my partitions, I am unable to proceed beyond installing and using this beautiful system.  Bug #333103 has been opened to help track this issue for me.  Any help please add to the bug comments.

Just wanted to thank everything for a great looking system and can’t wait to move to it full time.


One thought on “Kubuntu Jaunty and a Dell Mini 9: A brief review

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