Don’t send aid to Hamas

Dear President Obama,

Please do not send any money at all to Hamas, they are a terriorist organization and should not be receiving any of my tax paying money to them. In fact, don’t send any tax money to them. The reason they still exist is because countries prop them up. They are destroying not only their own people and culture, they are destroying one of our closest and best allies, Isreal.


One thought on “Don’t send aid to Hamas

  1. You make no mention that Hamas was democratically elected (in one of the only free elections in an Arab State) January 2006 by the majority of the people of Palestine?

    Traditionally an estimated 80 to 90 percent of Hamas revenues fund health, social welfare, religious, cultural, and educational services*. The UK recognise the military wing as a terrorist organisation, but acknowledge the political wing as a valid political entity.

    I’m not aware of any suggestion US aid should be given directly to the military wing of Hamas? Or perhaps it is the provision of humanitarian aid to the population of Gaza that concerns you?

    In addition to its military wing, the so-called Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigade, Hamas (as mentioned) devotes much of its estimated $70-million annual budget to an extensive social services network. Indeed, the extensive social and political work done by Hamas – and its reputation among Palestinians as an anti-corruption movement puts many other governments to shame! – partly explain its defeat of the Fatah old guard in the 2006 legislative vote. Hamas funds schools, orphanages, mosques, healthcare clinics, soup kitchens, and sports leagues. “Approximately 90 percent of its work is in social, welfare, cultural, and educational activities.”

    Much of Hamas’s funding came from Palestinian expatriates and private donors in Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich Persian Gulf states. With the recent spate of atrocities in Gaza humanitarian aid from a variety of countries is being supplied to the people of Gaza in dribbes and drabs.

    In a 2007 Pew Global Attitudes Survey, 62% of Palestinians had a favorable opinion of Hamas, as do majorities or pluralities in Jordan and Morocco. Opinions of Hamas are divided in Egypt and Kuwait, and Hamas is viewed negatively in Turkey and Lebanon.**

    In February 2008 a Haaretz poll indicated that 64% of Israelis favour their government holding direct talks with Hamas in Gaza about a cease-fire and the release of captives. ***

    *Council on Foreign Relations. Updated January 7, 2009; “Approximately 90 percent of its work is in social, welfare, cultural, and educational activities, writes the Israeli scholar Reuven Paz.”

    “‘up to 90% of [Hamas] resources and staff were devoted to public-service enterprises’ (according to Robin Wright in Dreams and Shadows: The Future of the Middle East (Penguin Press, 2008)

    Using Israeli estimates, [Matthew Levitt, senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy] reckons Hamas probably has an annual budget of between $70m and $90m, 80 to 85 per cent of which it spends on its political work and its extensive networks of schools, clinics and welfare organisations, while 15 to 20 per cent goes on military operations.”

    ** Pew Research Center Global Attitudes Survey: Global Unease With Major World Powers, June 27, 2007

    *** Yossi Verter (2008-02-27). “Poll: Most Israelis back direct talks with Hamas on Shalit”. Haaretz. Retrieved on 2008-02-27.

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